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i am so jealous of all the people who are comfortable with who they are physically and mentally

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Art by Enayla

♦ Lavender Smoke & Bones ♦


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This is important


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There's nothing like a little victim blaming to go along with your lunch.


For some reason we were talking about spelling at lunch, & my mom mentioned how at one point during elementary school, they stopped correcting my spelling because of this, that & whatever. She then asked me when they started to correct my spelling again.

I told her I didn’t know & said that…


No matter how many showers you take.
No matter how many times you wash your hands.
No matter how much soap you use.
I’ve scrubbed my skin raw under scalding hot water, too many times to count.
And that layer of filth will never go away.


words? for what?

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis interrupted his own performance on Saturday to reprimand a group of fans who crossed the line with an adolescent girl.

During the band’s appearance at the Kansas City Rockfest, some rockers near the stage hoisted a young girl into the air to crowd surf. Lewis finished his verse, but didn’t even warn his band before he launched into a profanity-laden rant.

Listen up you (expletives) ,that (expletive) girl right there is like 15 (expletive) years old and you (expletive) pieces of (expletive) are molesting her while she’s on the (expletive) crowd,” he ranted. “Your (expletive) mothers should be ashamed of themselves.”

The rant lasted for an entire minute.

Music blogger Cassiopia Demers witnessed it from just a few rows back. Demers, who is known as KC Cassie, said it was clear that the crowd was groping and pinching the teen, and that the girl wanted to be put down.

The crowd cheered throughout the entire indignant interlude, and clapped again when Lewis finished his song and told girls they were safe to crowd surf once again.



When I was four years old the son of my babysitter made me touch him while alone in the bathroom. I only have flashes of pictures of what happened but I know that something did.

When I was seven years old some boys in my class chased me through a playground, throwing rocks at me and then pulled…

Important things to remember when you know someone/are dating someone that had been abused as a child.


I don’t see many of these around and that’s really upsetting so this is extra extra important!

  • If the victim is an adult and is uncomfortable with sex or you touching them in certain places by surprise or in general, do not tell them to get over it!! It doesnt matter if the abuse took place 1000…